The first one – where it all begins

These are my  first baby steps into a new and exciting world of blogging, or at least for me. I am of course a follower of many different blogs privately and have been for many years but it never ever occurred to me that I would start one of my own. And I probably wouldn´t have if hadn´t been for this course that I am about to participate in – Open Networked Learning, ONL171.

So, first thing first – hello class of 2017 – spring semester. I look forward to doing this journey together with you. We have some exciting weeks ahead of us discussing many of my favorite topics regarding distance education and online learning.

A special welcome to you who happens to stumble in to this blog by accident or for any other reason than that you are one of my fellow students. Hop on and follow me on this ride. I´m not sure if it will be a long or a short ride. But I do know this; it will occasionally be a bit bumpy.



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